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Our journey started like many candle makers. We bought a kit from Hobby Lobby and decided to give it a try as we wanted a candle from Bath and Body that was out of season. Founded in 2021 we have grown our candle supply business to support all types of makers in the United States! We truly appreciate the support our customers have given us.

Launch your candle making business with Peach State Candle Supply. We supply businesses throughout the United States with candle wax, fragrance oils, wax warmers and containers at affordable wholesale prices. Buy from us in bulk so that you save money and keep a larger share of your revenue.

 Place orders online and get them shipped directly to your home or business, or visit our location to pick up your order. You can also browse our store to see, touch and sniff our products firsthand.

 About Peach State Candle Supply

 Peach State Candle Supply started in 2018 when Bath and Body Works ran out of our favorite candle. Instead of waiting months for the seasonal candle to restock, we decided to make our own candle at home with our favorite fragrance. We picked up a kit from Hobby Lobby, made our candle, and had so much fun that we wanted to help fellow candle makers launch their own businesses.

 We support everyone from big businesses that mass produce their candles to family-owned companies that make candles at home. Our customers' support has allowed us to expand our product range so that you can mix your favorite scents, package handmade gifts and keep a fresh supply stock on hand.

 Candle Making Supplies Near Me

 We regularly restock our product selection with classic, modern and trendy fragrances and designs. Some products have a “sample” option so that you can buy one product to see if it works. If you’re satisfied, come back to stock up on your new favorite supply.

 Our product selection includes:

  • Clear and colored straight-sided, threaded-lid and mercantile jars
  • Single-wick, multi-wick and mercantile jar lids
  • Candle wax made from paraffin, coconut oil and other materials
  • Rounded and tapered wax warmers
  • Dozens of fresh, fruity, spicy and sensual fragrance oils

 Enjoy a wholesale discount when you buy in bulk. You can choose from bulk packages for single items, such as jars and lids, and different quantities for wax and fragrances. Check out our sale items for great deals to save even more on your order.

 Seasonal Candle Making Fragrances

 The changing seasons put customers in the mood for different fragrances, such as tropical drinks in the summer and crackling fireplaces in the winter. Holiday scents fill their homes with cheer as they greet friends and relatives. 

We rotate our selection throughout the year to provide holiday-themed products for your business. You can also buy timeless scents, such as fresh laundry, all year round. Mix and match your favorite scents to create seasonal fragrances. 

Sustainable and Cruelty-free

We source our products from fellow business owners in the United States. Our fragrance oils are vegan and cruelty-free. Your orders arrive in sustainable packing materials so that you can run your business while helping us preserve the environment.

 Reach out to Peach State Candle Supply to learn more about our products, bulk options and commitment to sustainability. We love making new friends!