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Coconut Wax: An Alternative

Jul 07, 2022Sean Law



A natural and healthy alternative for chandlers is a coconut-soy blend wax. Coconut wax is produced by extracting the oil from coconut meat after hydrogenation. It produces a 100% natural and fully, biodegradable wax.


*Coconut wax burns slower than other waxes producing a nice, even burn. Gone are the days of having candles with wax left on the sides. If you have wicked correctly, no tunneling will occur. For ideal wicking, measure the width of the top of the container. This wax will not produce the blackened edges of the glass that is frequent to see on commercial candles made with paraffin or other wax product.

*Coconut wax blends evenly when melted and creates an amazing scent-throw filling your home beautifully.

*Cocunut wax production has promoted farming and harvesting of coconuts. A coconut tree lives 60-80 years. One tree lives multiple generations to produce a renewable, high yield crop; therefore, it is eco-friendly as well.

*To further add to the positive attributes of using coconut wax, there are no pesticides used while farming and no genetically modification has occurred. This is a natural, repurposing of a food product.

*Coconut-soy blends have a lower melting point of 130 degrees once poured and cured making transporting easier. There is also a lower pour temperature of 175 degrees, making this ideal for beginning chandlers.

*Coconut wax is mistake-proof biceasue it produces minimal wet spots. It is not as temperamental as other wax.

*This natural alternatie is comparable to many other waxes such as Cargill C-6 & Golden Brands 454/464 and it is ideal with CD wicks.


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