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Fall 2022 Candle Trends & Scents

Jul 01, 2022Sean Law


As the seasonal palette transitions from blossomed trees and summer flowers displaying tones of red, blue, cream, and black, we move into a new season; one filled with the nostalgia of yesteryears, and the warmth of rekindling friendships and family. Coming out of pandemic, a time of despair and loneliness for many, we have learned what is important to us, and we are embracing simpler times. The pandemic put our routines and traditions on trials, but we have emerged just like the colors of fall emerging after a hot summer reminding us of the joy that lives within togetherness. The palette of color is transitioning into a cornucopia of colors rooted in rich, organic ancestry, and we are reminded of age-old traditions which have refreshed and reminded consumers of simpler times—times rooted in family, baking, and conversation are important.


How Will the Season Affect this Forecast?

  • The constant pursuit by many people to develop themselves is unearthing a greater love for more personal and livid activities. This season is predictably one of those times where people will start or continue painting, decorating with sentimental pieces, serve home cooked meals, start gardening and do crafts.
  • Consumers have lived through the bustle of the first half of the year and are now at a more relaxed mood, which explains the use of warm aesthetics to capture the softness.
  • Many consumers are moving towards having something personal in their personal spaces and thus more handcrafted items will actualise that purpose.
  • Consumers are looking to having items that point back to their ancestry, something that shows where they can easily fall back on.




Warm, neutrals and deep, moody hues are important to fill the palette of fall. Deep, organic, orange tones develop into copper, slow burning ambers create shades of marinated maroon, with refined hues of beige creating a warm, soothing backdrop for consumers to craft on, to build on, and to create on. Returning to yesteryear traditions is not all that is simplifying.



This season produces a cohesive color scheme from the orange autumn leaves and the terracotta pumpkins to the wise, old, eucalyptus and the deep brown teak. Warm, neutrals and deep, moody hues are important to fill the palette of fall. Deep, organic, orange tones develop into copper, slow burning ambers create shades of marinated maroon, with refined hues of beige creating a warm, soothing backdrop for consumers to craft on, to build on, and to create on. Returning to yesteryear traditions is not all that is simplifying.



Cedarwood & Spice

A sensual masculine fragrance that blends together crisp bergamot, spicy clove, and warm cedarwood. Strong and alluring.

Top: Bergamot and black pepper

Middle: Clove

Base: Cedarwood


Bowties & Bourbon

A soothing blend of rich, dark oak and citrusy bergamot finished-off with just a touch of bourbon. Inviting, yet calming.

Top: Bergamot

Middle: Bourbon and Jasmine

Base: Oak, Musk, and Patchouli


Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow

A Halloween treat of creamy vanilla, fluffy marshmallows and spicy notes of pumpkin pie.

Top: Pumpkin

Middle: Marshmallow

Base: Vanilla and cream


Festive Vanilla Fig

Fresh fig nectar intertwines with succulent peach. Creamy vanilla extract blends with a delightful rum drizzle to enhance this special fragrance.

Top: Fig and Peach

Middle: Vanilla

Base: Rum


Autumn Woods

A soothing fragrance blended with black walnuts, lavender, and white amber to create a relaxing yet fresh aroma.

Top: Black Walnut

Middle: Lavender

Base: White Amber


Sweater Weather

A refreshing autumn-type fragrance with cool mints surrounded by ripen fruits on a background of oakmoss and sage.

Top: Mint

Middle: Apple and Peach

Base: Musk and Moss


Pumpkin Pecan Waffles

Pumpkin warmly welcomes us to fall. One day we are watching the birds feed their chicks, the next we watch as they go and build their nests. The warm pumpkin and cinnamon scents invite us for a four o’clock tea and maybe a long evening of slow crafts.

Top: Pumpkin, Apple, and Ginger

Middle: Cinnamon

Base: Jasmine


Pampas Grass

A sophisticated and luxurious assortment of fresh bergamot, bay leaves, and black tea that invite you to settle in and stay awhile. Pampas grass is rounded out by alluring aromas of cherry tobacco and vetiver.

Top: Bergamot, Bay leaves, and Black tea

Middle: Pampas grass, Cherry Tobacco, and Figs

Base: Cedarwood, Vetiver, and Warm musk


Scorched Oak & Sage

Warming and wild, this fragrance grounds us into the earth and ureses us in nature. A majestic blend of scorched oak wood and moss is accompanied by the nurturing accords of wild sage and amber to create a smoky, brooding aroma welcoming fall.

Top: Orange peel, Clove, and Crushed leaves

Middle: Warm amber, Wild sage, and Sweet musk

Base: Earth patchouli, Wood smoke, and Oakmoss



A nostalgic aroma of baked cookies will capture your senses swirled with sweet almond marzipan layered on top of fresh honeycomb with a dash of nutmeg. Toasted acorn, syrupy, creamy caramel, and vanilla bean round out this confectionary masterpiece.

Top: Wild, crushed acorns, Sweet, Almond marzipan

Middle: Fresh honeycomb, Warm nutmeg, and Toffee nut

Base: Vanilla bean, Sweet cream, and Caramel


Moss & Mushroom

Come trek through the forest and marvel at the wild, plush undergrowth of fragrant oak moss and delicate puffball mushrooms. Fresh, autumn air mixes with bright chrysanthemum blossoms and soft, sandalwood tree, inspiring us to get lost in the wonder of discovery.

Top: Sugared lemon and Chrysanthemum blossoms

Middle: Puffball mushrooms, Raw cotton, and Wild lichen

Base: Sweet musk, Crushed moss, and Soft sandalwood





Along with simpler, deeper colors and packaging consumers are going to see a return of primitive, nature adorned décor. The table welcomes one and feeds many that explains the trending woven materials, linen fabrics, fowl feathers and nature-infused napkins. To accompany the simpler color palette will be nostalgic apple orchard fragrances to remind one of picking apples on a crisp, fall morning. Traditional cloves, along with festive vanilla fig, bowties & bourbon, and vanilla pumpkin marshmallow, are the basis in grandmother’s baking as it is circled with the fragrance of earthy tones of acorn and moss & mushroom from the autumn woods outside. Traditional cedarwood & spice remind one that sweater weather is near. Mandarin leaves, apple blossoms, and amber flowers will beautifully juxtapose against top, middle, and base notes to create an inviting homey aroma. Fall boasts of fullness of clove buds, cotton buds, cinnamon rolls, dried fruit and dried flowers that when well infused can come up with deep woody scents contrasted with the floral aroma.



Linens, burlap, and cotton woven and handcrafted fabrics are making a major mark as the season closes in. Earthy tones, multi-use fabrics are the basic canvas for fall to paint with memories of a simpler life.



To continue this transition, a simpler, cleaner, and homey packaging will include reusable items. Thinking of the jars and the importance of their status for preserving, consumers are once again returning to what is sustainable and reliable. To continue with frugality, sustainable bags, and minimalist branding will be reinvented.

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