White Iridescent Mercantile 15 oz Tumbler

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Made in the U.S.A.

Case Quantity: 12

Wick Suggestion:

GB 464 - CD 20

Titanwax Paraffin Soy - CD 20

Titanwax Coconut Soy - CD 20

This 15oz Single wick Tumbler jar measures 3.75 inches wide, and 4.1 inches tall. 

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Customer Reviews

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Diane Young
Iridescent White

Peach State has the prettiest white iridescent vessels on the market. As you can see, the iridescent coating covers the entire vessel whereas most other companies have an uncoated glass bottom. These are so beautiful and they hold about 2 oz more than the competitors vessels. Stunning vessel.

Tiffany Federico
Peach state is the best!

I have to say I’ve always had An amazing experience with Peach State. I started using their vessels a few years back. I’ve tried other companies when I was in a pinch, but always go back to peach state when my items are back in stock. I’ve purchased these jars several times and they are a top seller. Much prettier than their competitors version. Great products and great customer service.


These are a great looking vessel! Heavy and sturdy!

David Rillieux
Superior quality

Great vessels and a great company to work with.

gorgeous but.....

the vessel is beautiful. however, they easily lose their sheen due to fingerprints. Also, I poured and glass broke. recommended wic did not burn candle and caused severe tunneling while using 100% soy. I love these but busting one of these broke my heart, just because the wax was too hot for the jar. While this was most likely user error, I've never had this happen with any other jars i've had that I've poured at recommended temps. I was expecting to give these 5 stars, but perhaps 4 is more appropriate. also ended up using CD-14 double wicked versus' the single CD-20 as this caused severe wax wastage and tunneling. However came very well packed also does not look good with the silver lid. THe lids are dull in comparison. Overall between the fingerprints and the dull lid option, I was dissappointed.