Room Spray/Body Spray Base (Alcohol Based)


Ingredients: Water, SD Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Methyl Glucose Ether, Glycerine

Cruelty & Phthalate Free

Safe to use on fabrics

Creating a room and body spray requires a careful balance of ingredients to ensure efficacy, safety, and a pleasant sensory experience. The base of such sprays often includes special denatured alcohol, propylene glycol, methyl glucose ether, and glycerine. Each component plays a crucial role in the formulation.

Special Denatured Alcohol is often used as the primary solvent in spray formulations. It helps dissolve other ingredients and ensures that the spray disperses effectively into the air or onto the skin. Its volatility allows for quick drying, which is particularly desirable in a body spray that is applied directly to the skin. Moreover, denatured alcohol is modified to make it unfit for consumption, which can be a regulatory requirement for products not intended for ingestion.

Propylene Glycol is a humectant, which means it helps retain moisture. In room sprays, it can help maintain the fragrance’s intensity over time. In body sprays, it serves to moisturize the skin, preventing the drying effect that alcohol can have. It also acts as a solvent for fragrances and essential oils, enhancing the solubility of these components in the alcohol base.

Methyl Glucose Ether is an emollient and can be derived from corn sugar. It contributes to the silky feel of the spray on the skin and can help form a protective barrier that locks in moisture. 

Glycerine, another humectant, is well-known for its skin-care properties. It draws moisture from the air into the skin, which is beneficial in a body spray. In room sprays, glycerine can help stabilize the fragrance, ensuring that the scent lingers for a longer period.

The combination of these ingredients results in a base that is not only effective at delivering fragrance but also considers the user’s experience and the product’s impact on the skin and environment. 

Application Level/Limit

If using this base to make a room spray use 4%-9% Fragrance Oil load.

If using this base to make a body spray use 2%-6% Fragrance Oil load.

Always check this against the maximum usage per Fragrance Oil under the IFRA guidelines. For example if you make a room spray with an oil that only allows 2.5% for room sprays, then you are only able to use 2.5% load instead of the normal 4%-9%.

Please test with different fragrances as not all scents will have the desired effect/smell due to the mixing with the base's ingredients. 


Link to the SDS: click here

Customer Reviews

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This spray is amazing.

Kerry T.
The BEST base out there!

I made two bottles with two diff fragrances to test both room spray and body spray applications. The recommended percentage is 4-9% for room spray and 2-6% for body spray application. Of course check the IFRA for max usage rates with whatever oil you use. The base is crystal clear and has no detectable scent that I can pick up. If you know me, I have the nose of a bloodhound but take that with a grain of salt. I used a magnetic stirrer for 5 minutes to combine the base and oil.

FO: Makesy Resinous Tonka & Rich Agarwood
FO Load: 5%
Color after mix: Crystal Clear
Fragrance Strength: Very Strong

This base holds fragrance incredibly well. It’s still lingering in the air after 1+ hour. Will update further regarding longevity. When sprayed, the base comes out in a fine mist and everything disappears except for the fragrance. Nothing fell to the floor! This has been my biggest issue with other room spray bases - they leave a filmy residue on hardwood floors and makes linens crunchy. Not with this base. My floors are not slippery and there is NO residue. 5% fragrance load is too high and more to the point, it’s unnecessary. I think I can drop it down to 2%. No kidding!

FO: Makesy Peppered Citrus & Cashmere Eclipse
FO Load: 4%
Color after mix: Crystal Clear
Fragrance Strength: Very Strong
When sprayed, the base comes out in a fine mist and everything disappears except for the fragrance. The body spray had an immediate dry down and left no tackiness or residue on the skin. It didn’t make my skin feel itchy or dry. 4% is so strong, y’all!! I am def going to reduce the load to 2% and test that. It’s holding fragrance like gang busters and smells as strong as my perfumes. I smell so good though 🥰 After 1+ hour it smells like I just sprayed it on. I def need to reduce the load because 4% isn’t needed.

Overall, this base performed great and holds fragrance incredibly well. I’m so impressed by the strength of the fragrance with only 4% and 5%! I didn't use any Peach State oils b/c I didn't have any at the time.

Best Base Hands Down!

This base is phenomenal and I give it 10 out of 10! The scent longevity is incredible, and last days as a room spray while also lasting hours as a body spray! This by far the best room spray base I’ve tried and the cost is also a great perk!


Amazing!! It's clear and no separation!!