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Moss & Mushroom

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Come trek through the forest and marvel at the wild, plush undergrowth of fragrant oak moss and delicate puffball mushrooms. Fresh, autumn air mixes with bright chrysanthemum blossoms and soft, sandalwood tree, inspiring us to get lost in the wonder of discovery.

Top: Sugared lemon and Chrysanthemum blossoms

Middle: Puffball mushrooms, Raw cotton, and Wild lichen

Base: Sweet musk, Crushed moss, and Soft sandalwood


Application Level/Limit

Body Wash: 2.93%

Candles: 100.00%

Incense: 100.00%

Laundry Detergent: 2.93%

Shampoo: 2.9.3%

Soap: 2.93%

Flashpoint: 181

Phthalate free: Yes

Skin Safe: Yes

Vanillin: No


Safety Data Sheet: Moss & Mushroom SDS

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