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Laundry Day


Succulent peach notes, juicy apricot, tropical mango and fresh, ripe plum tones intertwine with sweet mimosa, fragrant honeysuckle, the licorice-like anise scents and the sweet aroma of jasmine flower. Fresh-cut green notes, soft, supple leather, the sweet scent of moss, the new mown hay aromas and aromatic woody notes blend together to unite, enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Application Level/Limit

Body Wash: 10.32%

Candles: 100.00%

Incense: 100.00%

Laundry Detergent: 10.32%

Shampoo: 10.32%

Soap: 10.32%

Flashpoint: 195

Phthalate free: Yes

Skin Safe: Yes


Safety Data Sheet: Laundry Day SDS

IFRA: Laundry Day IFRA

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