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Amber Mercantile 15 oz Tumbler (Estimated September 15th)

$3.50 $6.75
Case Quantity:

Case Quantity: 12

Wick Suggestion:

GB 464 - CD 20

Titanwax Paraffin Soy - CD 20

Titanwax Coconut Soy - CD 20

This 15oz Single wick Tumbler jar measures 3.75 inches wide, and 4.1 inches tall. 

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Excellent vessel!

Love these vessels! We're in the testing phase but despite tables indicating a single large wick (Premier 700 and HTP series) will work in a 3-4" jar we're not seeing that as a possibility. Has anyone been able to get a proper burning candle, with this vessel, using a single wick or does everyone double wick these?

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