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Matte White Mercantile 15 oz Tumbler (Estimated September 15th)

$36.00 $39.75
Case Quantity:

Case Quantity: 12

Wick Suggestion:

GB 464 - CD 20

Titanwax Paraffin Soy - CD 20

Titanwax Coconut Soy - CD 20

This 15oz Single wick Tumbler jar measures 3.75 inches wide, and 4.1 inches tall. 

Lid Options:


Customer Reviews

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Literally love these mercantile jars so much!!! Can’t wait to order more! Super thick and way bigger than I thought!

Outstanding vessel!

Love these vessels! We're in the testing phase but despite tables indicating a single large wick (Premier 700 and HTP series) will work in a 3-4" jar we're not seeing that as a possibility. Has anyone been able to get a proper burning candle, with this vessel, using a single wick or does everyone double wick these?

Customer service

Great products and top notch communication and customer service! Love these vessels arrived as described and safely packaged!

White Mercantile Jars

I love the jars. They are very substantial and make a statement. My clients like
them since they are bigger.
Just a few issues, which aren’t really issues. The paint has chipped on the bottom on occasion. Once the wax is in the jar it’s not noticeable. I’m currently looking for a box to place the jar in, due to its size it has been challenged.
Peach Street has been wonderful to work with you. They are great communicating
with out of stock items and responding
to emails. It’s a huge plus for me since they are only a couple of hours away.
Keep up the great work! Please start carrying coco83 wax😜

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