9oz Desert Flower Straight Sided Jar - 70/400 Continuous Thread (Jar Only)

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Discover the perfect packaging solution with our stylish 9 oz Desert Flower glass jars. Whether you're in the candle, bath and body, or food and beverage industry, these jars are perfect for showcasing your products. With a wide 70-400 continuous thread finish and a sleek design, these glass jars are sure to elevate your product and catch the eye of your customers. Read on to learn more about the features and benefits of these versatile jars.

I. Features and Benefits

Sleek Design:
These glass jars feature a smooth, round appearance with straight sides, making it easy to apply labels for a clean and professional look.
The squat appearance and wide diameter of the jar perfectly complement the 70 mm cap-size opening.

Versatile Usage:
These 9 oz glass jars are perfect for a variety of products, including cosmetics, bath and body items, and even food and beverages.
Whether you're packaging creams, lotions, oils, or small food items, these jars provide a stylish and functional solution.
Easy Access and Usage:

The wide 70-400 CT neck finish of these jars allows for easy scooping or pouring of the product, ensuring convenient and efficient usage.
With this wide opening, customers can easily remove every last bit of the product, minimizing waste.
Bulk Packaging:

These glass jars are sold in bulk by the case, with each case containing 12 jars.
Bulk packaging offers cost-effectiveness and ensures you have an ample supply of jars for your production needs.
Customizable Options:

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your jars by pairing them with matching caps, lids, and closures, all available separately.
Customizing the closure options allows you to create a cohesive and branded packaging experience for your customers.

Our 9 oz Desert Flower glass jars are the perfect choice for anyone looking to showcase their products in a stylish and versatile packaging solution. With their sleek design, easy access, and bulk packaging options, these jars will elevate your products and make them stand out. Whether you're in the cosmetics industry, bath and body sector, or food and beverage market, these glass jars are a must-have. Take advantage of the wide 70-400 CT neck finish and explore the range of customizable closure options to create a unique and branded packaging experience. Upgrade your product's presentation today with our 9 oz Desert Flower glass jars!


Black, Gold, Silver Metal Lids

Customer Reviews

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Terra McGee
Love this color!

I purchased these vessels and really did not think they would look as good as they do! This color is so beautiful and I cannot wait to add it to my Spring/Summer line up. Thank you PSCS for providing us with vessels that do not break the bank and are good quality!