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Fox Creek Dough Bowls & Peach State Candle Supply

We are happy to announce that we have entered a exclusive partnership with Fox Creek Dough Bowls! This allows them to solely make dough bowls, and us handle the order processing. This also allows you to have access to placing orders for other items such as wax and fragrance oils at the same time while benefiting from our very affordable shipping rate.

Some changes with this partnership. To help expedite order fulfillment we are implementing a 10 dough bowl minimum. This minimum can be achieved through a mix and match of any dough bowls below. Lead times are currently 2-3 weeks as each order is handmade and hand finished.

Pricing: Please see the quantity discount breakdown shown on each dough bowl page!

These wooden dough bowls are made from hardwood and guaranteed not to leak or crack. The bowls are not treated with a fire retardant as those chemicals are only intended for bare wood. Wick placement and educating your customer is the only protection.

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