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Winter/Christmas 2022 Trends

Aug 24, 2022Tracie M.



It is that time of the year where we come back to places or people we call home. This familiar territory sparks the embers of traditions rituals and celebrations that will bring the season to life. Products with personality and handcrafted goods will trigger our creative sides as each of us tries to gift our special people, some special things. Fresh and dried botanicals will exude their individuality as their endless blossoming flowers restore the sense of harmony.

Soothing shades of lemon and tones of vanilla will come alive with the contrasting vibrant fragrances of luscious pantones. The bending mutuality of the extremes reminds us the importance of delicate individuality and uttermost togetherness.


Vanilla Bean Noel

This sweet fragrance of vanilla and sweet butter cream is enriched with caramel and chocolate with a base of soft musk and delicious cookie scent.

Top- Vanilla, butter, cream

Middle- Caramel, chocolate

Bottom- Musk, sugar

Marshmallow Fireside

Eating roasted marshmallows by a warm fore along with a creamy vanilla latte and crackling woody notes describe this exotic blend.

Top- Clove

Middle- Vanilla, Rosewood

Bottom - Amber, Cider, Sandalwood.

Crushed Candy Cane

The sticky sweet aroma of freshly crushed candy canes

Top - Crushed Peppermint

Middle – Sweet Candy Cane

Bottom – White Sugar crystals

White Eucalyptus Sage

A fresh fragrance that combines the soothing aroma of eucalyptus and sage with an invigorating burst of frosted pine, rounding out this refreshingly clean aroma.

Top – Fresh Eucalyptus

Middle – Sage

Bottom – Frosted Pine

Cinnamon Sugared Donut

The confectionary delight, cake bakery notes and confectionary doughnut scents intertwines with creamy vanilla tonalities and a waft of cinnamon sprinkled with the granulated tones of sugarcane crystals. These two blend together to unite, enhance and complete this fragrant accord.

Top - Cake bakery, doughnut scents.

Middle - Vanilla, cinnamon

Bottom - Sugar Crystals.

It’s Giving Christmas

Pine Needles surround themselves with warm spices on a background f oak moss.

Top- Orange, Lemon

Middle – Allspice, Clove, Pine

Bottom – Cinnamon, Moss

Daddy Claus

A refreshing blend of juniper, eucalyptus and lavender make for a relaxing aroma that is fresh and clean.

Top - Eucalyptus, Camphor, Citrus, Menthol.

Middle - Juniper Grass

Bottom – Lavender, Musk, Woodsy

Christmas Clout

Orange Zest, melon balls and wild berries with a hint of exotic musk.

Top – Orange, Melon

Middle – Berry, Floral

Bottom – Musk

Santa’s Favourite Ho

Fresh white birch, sweet Madagascar vanilla and warm sandalwood come together in this cozy, soothing fragrance.

Top – White Birch

Middle- Vanilla

Bottom – Sandalwood

Naughty List

Clove buds and cinnamon sticks with a light vanilla hint.

Top – Fruity, Green

Middle – Cinnamon, Clove

Bottom – Vanilla, Tonka



How Will Our Current Reality Validate This Forecast?

  • This season is well defined by togetherness, the sense of oneness in traditions and rituals. May it be those set up years ago or a few moments ago, the season reminds us the importance of the wisdom of the old coupled with the intelligence of the present. All thanks to the impact of ancestry.
  • And just like that, one fairy night ushered the holiday season. With many events colouring the year, this season brings together the lost and the gone in one embrace. The moody eucalyptus and the vibrant cherries will paint the season’s moodiness and its feelings of nostalgia.
  • Every soul has a never-ending pursuit. To most of us, we ask what lies in hindsight. Winter comes with clasped gloved hands and lonesome walks, the use of air-dried botanicals and red cherries will lighten the mood and connect us to one another.


Warm earthy tones coupled with deep luck-lustre hues are the highlights of the season. The deep moody pines harmonize with the cinnamon tones to create a perfect harmony of individuality and sensibility. The vulnerable blues and screaming reds call us in to self-reflect as we embrace the season’s good tidings.


This season produces a cohesive flow of blues, greens and greys contrasted with the powerful scarlet and cherries. The deep blues and greens mirror the environment, carrying a little of the winter starry night indoors calling us to embrace what was, is and will be. The powerful reds on the extreme end, conjure the emotions that the season brings; love, joy and special well-being. This color palette allows us to be vulnerably potent; it allows us to be fully ourselves in front of our loved ones




Consumers are bending more towards personalized and nature-infused decor, just to mimic the theme of the holiday season. The table set-ups will welcome more and make them linger even more with the rattan tablecloths announcing the season and the gingerbreads aiming for the fifteen seconds of fame. The woven fabrics accompanied by foliage infused napkins and dancing flames will color the moments personal and nostalgic.

Traditional cloves along with festive pine, marshmallow and cinnamons will complete an evening in the winter fire surrounded by the earthy aroma of moss and winter pines.

The holiday season is rich in eucalyptus, pine, and vanilla that if well infused with caramel, cinnamon and juniper grass will come up with a well-contrasted homey aroma.



Rattans, plaid, pine-Scandinavian fabrics, mountain reindeer imagery and buffalo-printed fabrics will not need an introduction this season. The devil is in the details; and Santa just chooses to be in one too many personalized fabrics. The patterns will be infused in tablecloths, napkins, quilts etc. all screaming the season is here while subtly closing in on the cold.



This is the season of giving- and noting spells out the speciality like gifts. The packages and wrappings will include people’s names, special season nicknames, handcrafted packages and reusable items. Consumers will look for jars that will allow them to preserve and conserve the environment. Minimalistic and nature-infused brands will make a high statement this season.

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